Download NIS Referee Form and Guarantors Form PDF

Download NIS Referee Form and Guarantors Form PDF


Are you among the applicants in search of the Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) Referee Form and Guarantors Form PDF? If yes! This article is for you.

As part of the Nigeria Immigration recruitment process during the screening, all applicants must submit a Referee Form, also known as a Guarantor form, to the Nigerian Immigration Service. This page will allow you to download the NIS Referee Form. However, ensure you read this article to the end.

The Nigerian Immigration Service requires two referrer persons to fill and sign the NIS recruitment guarantor form. Applicants must not fill in and sign the form themselves.

Furthermore, before endorsing anyone make sure that the person you are signing for is well known to you and is reputable to avoid any future problems. The guarantor’s NIS form should also be completed by hand by the guarantor, not the applicant.

Eligible Persons to Stand as your Referees for NIS Recruitment

  • Traditional rulers
  • Magistrates
  • Chairman of your Local Government
  • Secretary to State or Local Government,
  • Head of Educational Institutions attended (i.e. Principals, Rectors, Provosts, and Vice Chancellors)
  • PG of your town

How To Download Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) Guarantors Forms

To download the form kindly follow the download link below.

Download NIS Guarantors (Referee) Form.


What Next After Downloading NIS Guarantors Form

Print out the form in color

Take the form to your referees to fill

Ensure you come to the NIS recruitment screening with the duly completed form

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