How Many Jobs Are Available in Finance?

How Many Jobs Are Available in Finance?


Are you in search of jobs in the finance industry? If your answer to this question is yes, you’re on the right page! There are many job opportunities in this sector. The finance industry in the United States, United Kingdom, and other parts of the world is one of the sectors that have so many job vacancies.

Finance careers jobs are up to 95,000, ranging from big companies to small retail enterprises. Are you among the people asking how many jobs are available in finance? What are the finance jobs requirements and descriptions? Ensure you read this article to the end.

Many job openings are available in finance today. Many employment opportunities are available for job seekers seeking to start their career in finance institutions jobs.

How Many Jobs Are Available in Finance?

Finance is a broad field with plenty of job openings. In July 2022, the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimated that 95,000 jobs had been added since February 2022, indicating many career opportunities in the finance industry.

1. Financial Analyst

Financial analysts work in various finance industries, such as banks, pension funds, and insurance companies, to name a few. The duties of a financial analyst are to advise organizations and individuals on how to spend money to maximize profits. They evaluate the performance of stocks, bonds, and other investments. They may also work for a company to evaluate and understand its financial data.

The main objective of a financial analyst is to ensure that the company’s decision-makers have access to the relevant information they need to make informed investment decisions. An analyst’s responsibility is to provide decision-makers with information that helps them understand how investments will behave and how risks can be managed.

Financial Analyst Salary: The average salary for a financial analyst is $64,00+. However, it can vary depending on the company that seeks your service, experience, and work location.

2. Financial Controller

A financial controller is a senior manager who oversees the day-to-day financial operations of a company. Financial controllers, often known as “corporate historians,” manage the accounting function and are responsible for the company’s accounts and records. Usually has degrees and certifications in accounting or finance.

The financial controller ensures the accuracy and compliance of the company’s financial statements. Financial controllers are sometimes responsible for setting the budget and ensuring that it meets the company’s strategic objectives. They also forecast how much revenue the company will make each month, quarter, and year.

Financial Controller Salary: The average salary for a financial controller is $150,000-$270,000+. However, it can vary depending on the company that seeks your service, experience, and work location.

3. Accountants

Accountants collect, analyze, verify, and create financial data for their department or the organization as a whole (BLS). Simply put, they process financial records to ensure that company processes are legal, efficient, and compliant. The purpose of accounting is to support individuals and organizations in their financial decision-making.

Accountants often work in public accounting firms. Others work in the private sector, such as banking, insurance, real estate, and retail. In various companies, some accountants work in non-financial positions.

Accountant’s Salary: The average salary for a financial controller is $$50,00+-$70,000+. However, it can vary depending on the company that seeks your service, experience, and work location.

4. Financial Auditor

Financial auditors examine a company’s accounting data, financial records, and operating factors to determine whether its financial statements conform to generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP).

Also, financial auditors evaluate and test internal controls and governance. The purpose of these evaluations is to provide unbiased assessments of the effectiveness, efficiency, and adequacy of risk management practices. They also aim to identify, investigate and eliminate all types of fraud within a company.

Financial auditor’s Salary: The average salary for a financial controller is $73,560. However, it can vary depending on the company that seeks your service, experience, and work location.

5. Financial Manager

A financial manager analyzes data and advises senior management on how to maximize profits. An organization’s financial health is its responsibility. They prepare financial reports, direct investment operations, and plan the long-term financial objectives of their organization. In addition, financial managers look for ways to increase profitability and evaluate markets to identify business opportunities, such as growth, mergers, and acquisitions.

To get a job as a finance manager often needs a master’s degree in accounting, business, economics, or finance, as well as several years of experience in a finance capacity.

Financial managers can work in a wide variety of environments, including public and private sector companies. They also work in a variety of industries, such as banking, finance, healthcare, and insurance.


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How to Find a Job in the Finance Industry 

Jobs in the Finance Industry can be found in many places. You can check online job boards, company websites, and job search engines. Also, we post the latest job openings on this website.

Here are some examples of websites where you can find consumer services jobs:

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